The Raccoon Cat

30 June 2020
One evening around dusk I had an unexpected visitor. My bedroom had a door connecting straight onto the veranda and I’d often leave it open with just the screen locked to keep the insects out. A strange snow white cat with distinct markings was standing there. It was white, but had a dark patch around one eye, dark ears and a tail that alternated with black and white stripes. It looked just like a raccoon. It started meowing relentlessly at the door, as if it lived here, until I let it in. When I opened the door, he immediately raced inside and as soon as I got back in bed leapt on me as if he already knew me. I had the distinct impression that he was trying to tell me something by the outpouring of affection to me, and felt that there must have been a special reason for his visit. Later it decided it wanted to leave, I opened the door and off he went. It seemed so bizarre for a strange cat to be so demonstrative with me and then to just vanish into thin air as if he were invisible. I wondered where he lived, for I had never seen him wandering around anywhere before as stray cats do.

Out of the blue the next day, the much older man I had been seeing suddenly broke up with me because he said that he wasn’t in love with me. I hadn’t seen that one coming, because he had always been so kind and generous to me and we had always had such a lovely time together. Not a passionate time mind you, but a happy time. He had been more like a friend to me I suppose, preparing me for Mark by treating me with genuine care and respect. At the time I chose to use the white raccoon cat’s visit as a positive reminder that I was truly made of love and not to let the rejection make me feel afraid of ever being loved again.

A couple of months later I met Mark. After 18 days of us sizzling online and over the phone he finally came up to stay with me for 6 days of bliss. I had mentioned to Mark about breaking up with my ex, and how this strange raccoon cat had appeared the night before it happened and how I had let it in and the affection it had showed me.

On one evening, around dusk, we were sitting up in bed when we had an unexpected visitor. We suddenly heard meowing and when we looked towards the sliding doors the raccoon cat was back. It standing at the screen door again, meowing madly, stepping side to side, as if agitated and frantically demanding to be let in. When I opened the door, he immediately raced in, past me, jumped right up onto the bed and onto Mark, right up on his chest with his head nuzzled right under Marks chin, madly purring away, as if he had always known us both. We just looked at each other in a kind of shock wondering what was happening? He nudged us incessantly, taking turns with one and then the other, whilst purring wildly with both paws wrapped around our necks and rubbing his head into our faces adoringly. We had the impression that he was earnestly trying to tell us something, as if he was a long lost family member making himself at home after years of separation from us. It was amazing, because not even our own much loved pets had behaved so affectionately to either one of us before. Finally he decided he wanted to go and I let him outside. We started to wonder if he was actually a cat at all, for he possessed none of the aloofness of other felines.

It was almost like the soul of the cat was saying, “See, you are with your twin now. Everything is going to be alright for both of you from now on”.

Mark and I searched online for cats with raccoon like features, to see if there is an actual breed of cat, and one that has such an affectionate disposition, but we couldn’t find anything that resembled him at all. Even today we can't find any such breed. We wondered if perhaps departed souls have the ability to use an animal’s body to communicate with us, or even the Angels, because the whole experience was so bizarre to both of us, it was as if he was bringing some message on both the occassions he appeared. I had never seen that cat around before, and sadly we never saw him again. It was just one of those bizarre experiences that will never be explained.

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Sun 27 Jun 2021
hi, what you are describing sounds like siamese cats to me. ...leo




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