The Wrap

11 July 2009
The first day we met was full of spin-outs, for we were already deeply and truly in love, before even casting eyes upon each other for the very first time. The utter realization that our two souls were mysteriously joined, unfolded in a series of synchronous events, which both captivated and enthralled us throughout the day and still does, as our time together grows. One of the biggest amazements was at the very end of that first day. After having talked and kissed and made love, we lay down in each other’s arms to fall asleep. Our bodies naturally entangled in weightless ecstasy, a sensation neither had experienced before without actually making love, but it didn’t stop there. We also entwined our legs around each other’s, so our entire bodies were totally wrapped together as one. It was, and is, divine. Instantly, both of us felt there was really something special and sacred about it that neither of us had ever experienced before.

We slept like this, tightly wrapped up, not just for a couple of hours, but for that entire first night, blissfully in exactly the same position. It was the most fulfilling night’s sleep either of us had experienced in years, but it wasn’t just the first night. The second night was the same, as was the third, fourth, and so on. We quickly came to refer the way we slept to as, the ‘Wrap’.

Before long, we also added sleeping cheek to cheek to the Wrap. Wrapped up, our cheeks would rest upon each other’s and we would fall asleep like that. And when we say fall asleep, we mean it. We would both fall instantly into a deep and glorious sleep.

We still wrap tightly every night. It still amazes us. It still feels like heaven and the thought of sleeping separately, feels like torture to both of us, as we simply need to be physically and spiritually as close as we possibly can. We always sleep totally in euphoria; neither of us ever gets cramps or becomes numb in the arms or shoulders. Neither of us ever gets uncomfortable and needs to unwrap for even part of the night. What’s more incredible, is both of us have many years of restless sleep behind us and would both frequently get up in the middle of the night and stay up for hours on end. We have both tried to mimic the Wrap position in other relationships, but it just never worked or felt very comfortable somehow. In the past, we even slept in the same position separately as we do now when we wrap. It’s as if the inner voice of the soul was whispering to each other that our twin was missing from each other’s bed.

We have slept every night we have had together in the Wrap. We have never heard of anyone else experiencing this, although we’re sure there must be others who also experience this oneness. It is so divine. Even though every day is full of pure love and we don’t want it to end, we have come to look forward to sleeping together every night and being back in the physical oneness of our sacred cocoon. Sexx or the Wrap? OMG! Please don’t ask us that, for the answer to that question, is surely both…

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Tue 10 Aug 2010
I hope I get to do this with my Twin Soul when I meet him :) ...

Sat 08 Jan 2011
my twin flame and i also slep in this wrap for at least part the night, its awesome i just never thought i would find it. every morning we wake at the same time and kiss each other. we also dream together sometimes and wake up in the middle of the night making love... reading your story puts the biggest grateful smile on my face. xox ...steph

Wed 02 Nov 2011
I am so happy to hear about another twin flame couple sleeping as we do. It is so beautiful and intensely connected. It feels like our energy and souls are connecting on a deeper level... like recharging our batteries by laying heart to heart, wrapped up in each other... like a love cocoon. We would love to meet other twin flames/soul couples. Others don't understand this type of connection and often it sounds crazy... only other twin flames completely understand this deep, deep connection. ...Bonnie Dillon

Mon 09 Jan 2012
Hey, that's a clever way of thnkiing about it. ...Dorothy

Wed 22 May 2013 twinflame is 8000km away from me but whn i call her in my mind i feel her like she wud be standing next 2 me.....when i feel strong tht i miss here i feel like her soul wud feel tht i miss her n it comes automatically 2 me.....n am talking 2 her soul like she wud b wiz me.....n am getting n answer...whn i say "i miss u" the answer is "i knw sweetheart...i miss u too"...n beautiful is tht i feel u ngy 2gether at the same vibration....We both feel to tht sometimes we need to connect to each other conciously.....n in this "from" we feel each other n at the same time we r meditating 2gether......n when i see her and she (or myself) r coming home from work i really feel tht am coming home.....n the welcome is sooooooooooooooo words needed......n it feels so peaceful being with my twinflame n so divine living with her in the now.The beautiful thing is tht it feels like tht living in the "now" is natural.....Before i experienced tht i couldnt really imagine wht "li ...TwinFlame2531

Tue 05 May 2015
My twin flame and I sleep in the same way, and also cheek to cheek. Even if we fall asleep not in this position when we wake in the morning we are in this position! There is no other feeling. I have never felt so safe and secure. He is going to India for three months to work for a charity and the thought of this separation hurts, but I know it's for the greater good and good for his own development ...Nikkola wright




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