Being Apart

20 July 2009
Another airport and Claire and I have had to say goodbye and be parted yet again. I board and sit on the plane. As I sit there, I feel like my entire insides are being ripped out of me. They actually feel as though they are being physically pulled back towards the terminal. No, its for real, and I’ve never experienced anything like it before. The plane races down the runway and lifts off and the pull back gets even worse. I know she’s down there somewhere and it feels like somehow I’m being pulled back to her.

It has happened every time we have had to part since we met. It is just torture parting and being apart. When we are apart, we can’t stop thinking about each other, every minute, every hour. We both miss our twin so badly, and can’t wait to be back together.

When apart, we experience the connection of our souls in many mysterious ways. When I have come online, Claire, nowhere near her computer, would just know I was there and within minutes feel compelled to go and check her computer. We have many times online written the same thing at exactly the same time. Have answered the others question, whilst typing it and before the other had sent it. We have awoken in the middle of the night and sent each other the same text message at exactly the same time. All this is part of what we call our ‘oneness’, …where we feel like we are one being most of the time.

Being apart has also had its benefits. We met via a dating website. Online, when we first connected, it was instant. We are talking hours here. If we had been within driving distance of each other, we would have been together that very first night. But we couldn’t, so we connected in every way except the physical. Those first 18 days before we actually physically met, were sheer ecstasy at uncovering the deep love we have for each other, but agony at being apart and not being able to actually meet yet. We had to wait and we would later come to realise what a blessing it would be. After we finally physically met, we discovered the potent and intense sexual attraction for each other, that we had both suspected, was very real indeed. Later as we reflected on the way we seemed to have been kept physically apart for those 18 long days, we realised we had been given something very special. We had fallen in love within days, even hours, and it had been based purely on our spiritual and emotional connection. We had experienced that growing deeper and deeper over those 18 days, to the point we knew we had to be together, regardless of what each other actually looked like! We both realised if we had been able to physically meet straight away, the sexual attraction would have been instant and over powering and we may have never really known how much of our intensity was based on our sexual chemistry and how much was spiritual or emotional. We now know forever, that our relationship, however intense it is sexually, is not based on sex or the physical, but on a deep soul connection and pure love. We fell in love emotionally and spiritually first, and that is thanks to being kept apart those first 18 days.

When together, we are constantly reminded how hard it is to be apart. If one of us walks out of the room the other feels lost as if something is missing and waits for the other to return. This isn’t some form of immature dependency, for we are both fifty years old and have spent many years focusing on becoming independent and spiritually whole. It feels as if it’s a very deep connection at the soul level and that we need, yes literally need, to be together all the time. We both feel we have evolved past the point of respecting one another’s personal space (something we’ve both learned prior and discussed a lot together) to a place where, for us, we feel we don’t need any space from each other at all. When we are together there is always a feeling of pure love, peace, and calmness, with each other, that neither has experienced before. There are no issues or disagreements. It is a feeling of being in complete balance with one another and if parted, it is as if we become out of balance and yearn for the other.

So we quickly learnt being apart is not an option for us. We both already knew we needed to be together permanently before we’d even met. After those first 6 days of being together, it was confirmed 100% (in fact, we totally knew within the first 5 minutes of meeting). I flew straight back and resigned from a very prestigious and lucrative job and we then worked out how we could live together. We decided we’d both move to a new city in another state where there was work for both of us and we would be starting afresh together. So we found a house to rent, both threw in our existing homes, had our belongings shipped there, and moved. From the first time we connected to moving in together was less than 2 months! We have been together ever since, and not regretted it for 1 second. We still can’t be close enough, or spend as much time together as we want and have to settle for just the 24 hours there are in each day. Being apart is terrifying for us, and something we plan to avoid as much as possible for the rest of our days.

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Sun 27 Feb 2011
I have a very beautiful story of how i met with my twin fame very very special, we are still not together just yet but surely will be when our time is right i cant wait for that day we met 6 yrs ago now just magic how we both met time wasnt right then but i do know our time to be together is coming up very soon wow within next two yrs oh i just cant wait to be with my twin flame just a beautiful connection we both have just beautiful , ...carol

Fri 06 May 2011
wow :) this reminds me of when me and my twin met, we both met via a social networking site but we chatted constantly all day everyday for a whole month, then we met we needed to meet to see if it was just fantasy of how we felt, after 2 weeks i knew i was in love with him and so did he, although people laughed at us :( when we met after a month wow it was amazing but i knew then it didnt matter what he looked like because i had already fallen in love with his soul. When in his company if one of us had to go to the toilet it took an absolute age we would wait until sheer desperation, if i had to get up off the sofa he would get up with me thinking im going somewhere it was so lovely, at the moment we are seperating and it is painful he has a lot of issues and couldnt handle us being apart, when together it was like u said pure love and peaceful and very healing, soo as i would leave to home he would panic and insecurities would creep in with his fear making it unbearable, but ...leanda

Sun 12 Jun 2011
Hey - I am really glad to find this. great job! ...#jkjohnson[GJEEGKKGGJGG]

Tue 16 Aug 2011
Thank you for stating "This isn’t some form of immature dependency, for we are both fifty years old and have spent many years focusing on becoming independent and spiritually whole."
In my own twin flame relationship I do not feel like it is a need because of some lack, it is a want because that is where I am happiest! Thank you for confirming this!:)
...Harmony Rayne

Tue 16 Aug 2011
Okay, well I feel better about my twin and I already making arrangements to live together. It has been a month today, and we started talking about it a week ago. Financially we have to wait another month(pure torture!) but then we will be sharing space all the time. It seems so fast, but we have our own special timeline that we are living by... our own! People will think we are crazy, but we already KNOW it to be right and true, inevitable really, so why wait?! ...Lora

Sun 28 Aug 2011
This is so awesome, I met my twin flame 2 years ago, in church, about 3 month's after meeting him, I knew and felt something different, the energy and chemistry was so strong, that I knew this had to be my soulmate, this feeling never went away, then I started noticing that he was actually my mirror image, and that everything I was experiencing was completely different than anything that I had ever experienced. I found out that he is my twinflame, by researching twinflames. We have spent sometime together,and now he is just trying to figure out what is so different with us. I want to tell him to research twinflames, but I have not said anything yet. I don't know when is the right time. I know he loves me , but he has not yet wanting to identify with his feelings. His mother has befriended me, and I believe she know's something , but not saying anything to me. I need some answers, cause now I am in a lot of pain wanting to move forward, but knowing I can not rush anything. Also he ...Leeza

Mon 29 Aug 2011
I met my twin in late May 1974, and yes we've both felt the tearing apart in our souls, and have yearned to be together and we have but it seems tho our time isn't yet to be..
Yes we've both finished each others sentences, and it is a hardship to be apart... We have had to live with it.. ...Terry

Sat 10 Sep 2011
how many time i do not do what i want to do but do what i dont want to do ...artyoool

Mon 17 Oct 2011
I love you,
Your heart beats in mine.
Yet I don’t need to be with you,
Because I know we’re eternally aligned.

What we are resides in the heavens,
And is beyond space and time.
An eternal glow, a flickering flame,
My love, my other half, mine.

Sometimes we must be strong and stand alone,
For there are many earthly duties to do.
But for us there is really no goodbye,
Just a timeless ‘I love you’.

Mon 29 Oct 2012
Uh so does this mean I shouldn't visit twin flame friends? As I would feel like a third wheel. Does this mean twin friends can't have friends because their wrapped up in themselves? ...Christine

Tue 30 Oct 2012
Hi Christine. Of course you can visit twin flames! Mark and I are completely inseparable, yet we still love to see our gorgeous friends. Perhaps if you are feeling like a third wheel, you could ask yourself why? Remember, that we often choose our friends, because they reflect some of the things we love about ourselves.... ...Claire

Thu 01 Nov 2012
HI EVERYONE never give up on your twin soul even if not together you still have each other very close to your heart cant believe i just logged on here saw my own message from last year
still waiting for my one and only twin flame love him so very much time still isnt right but when it waited 9 years now wow i just cant wait i really miss my twin soul its been 9 years now i know time is getting very close for us both to be together hes last words i will see you in 10 years i just cant wait ill now ill never then let him i love him so very much as i know yhat he loves me so much to we both will be together soon never ever five up because the love you share for you twin flame is so strong no one ever can take that away the universe brought us and you to tohether how special is that in the mean time enjoy life make the most of and stay possative wish you all the very best love carol xxxx ...carol clarke




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