How I Attracted The One

16 July 2010
People often ask me how I found my twin Mark, the perfect man for me. Well… after an emotional separation, I thought I’d try and make myself feel better by pretending that I could actually attract any man in the whole wide world. Just for fun, I lit a candle, grabbed a full packet of cigarettes, poured myself a very large glass of chardy, got my favourite incense happening and started to make a shopping list of everything I desired in a man and I mean absolutely everything! I also included what I didn’t want though. This step was very important, because nearly right wasn’t good enough for me this time. If I’d have asked for a passionate, tall, dark and handsome stranger - period, I may have attracted a gay version, or one who preferred lots of lovers at the same time, so I was also very specific about being in a committed, monogamous, non-gay relationship.

Two pages later, I paused… thinking this was really very silly. How could this man exist? How could I ever meet this spiritually free – thinking, tall, handsome sexx god with curly hair and eyes that played tango with mine from afar, let alone entice him into my life and live happily ever after? Yet something made me keep writing; something made me keep pouring out my soul on paper, describing the most deliciously attractive attributes I imagined possible in a human being and I was having so much fun, that I actually caught myself in the mirror smirking just like a cheeky school girl does when she flirts with the teacher…

After all, I had felt so weak and unattractive after being dumped by my ex the day before! Perhaps that’s what made me keep writing, because on some level I knew I was actually doing some wondrous magic on myself. Little did I know at the time, that I was actually flirting with the universe, daring it to grant this very specific wish list of mine to come lusciously true in a very short time indeed just months later.

So I decided to market myself, fancying I was doing an advertising campaign for someone, except that someone was me. I created a profile, which described the bits about me that would probably scare off 99% of the male population on any internet dating site! It was honest though and personal. It was unique too, for I decided that I didn’t want to attract the wrong ones from the start and endeavoured to project my soul energy into the images I created with words and profile photo (attached). I was fifty for god’s sake and I figured time was running out, so began the unfolding of a mystery where we two souls miraculously came together as one.

After interviewing hundreds of likely (and very unlikely) candidates, Mark came into my life and swept me into a parallel universe. You may like to read our article Astrodienst, Seamed Nylons and 11:11 (how we met) for more.

And it all started with a shopping list when I was feeling downright horrible, but dared to dream up the perfect man for myself… just for fun!

I believe you have to know exactly what you want in a partner and since your mind changes every few seconds, imagine how the universe chops and changes with your mind to deliver your requests. It’s easy for the universe if you’ve written it down in black and white, so if you’re reading this because you’ve just been dumped, or are in an unhappy relationship, get out fast and go and make that shopping list right now! We all truly deserve the best don’t we?

Most women I talk to about finding a new man, don’t even know what they really want. They’re so vague saying something like, “Oh you know, rich, tall, handsome, whatever…”. Giggle giggle…Well you know what, the universe hears the “whatever” bit … Whatever! And boom you’re back in another nowhere relationship again, because you didn’t know what you wanted in the first place.

Some men just say they’ll know her when they meet her. Oh yeah? That was me talking about potential lovers also for a very long time, before I pretended I could have anyone I wanted. Did I believe it? No not really. I let the list go in a heap of other papers, but the universe remembered and delivered Mark into my life precisely eight months later. The letting go bit about the law of attraction was always the hardest part for me to get. Now I know how easy it is to put your desire on paper and forget about it until it really happens. It will happen… when you’re ready.

There are times in the day, I am flooded by waves of euphoria and I ask myself, do I dare believe that I deserve to feel this good? I’ve never felt this bliss ever before I met Mark. I ask myself every day, how I could be so lucky?

So, make your shopping list right now and be very, very precise. Be sure to let us know how it goes, because we’d really love to hear your love story too!

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Sat 24 Jul 2010
I am in love with your stories and the passion behind them. I find myself checking your blog just too keep sanity during the day :-) Thank you! ...

Sat 24 Jul 2010
Thank you for sharing your journey with us. It's really helpful. ...

Wed 11 Aug 2010
Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on our stories. When we first started to write them, we just wanted to share the magic with everyone who dared to read them, but it's so good to know that someone is getting something out of them. If we can inspire just one one person enough to believe that true unconditional love does happen and to strive for the very very best, then our work is done... Mark and Claire xx ...

Thu 08 Sep 2011
Oooh I can relate to this!

Not that I attracted my TF, because I didn't, but years ago, feeling just as you described, I also sat down and wrote out a shopping list - 4 pages long, no less - of the 'ideal' man I thought I wanted at the time.

Some time after that, I had a dream of swimming and playing with dolphins in an aqua ocean with an azure sky and snow-white beach.

The dolphins nudged me to look towards the shore and when I turned to look, there on a small hill in the distance, sat the Knight of Wands on his mount.

Just a few months later, I met him; we fell in love and married - it lasted for 22 years before we broke up. Of course, unlike you, I hadn't written down all the things I didn't want, which was a bad move because he ended up being a momma's boy with gay tendencies.

Just said all that to say that yes, a shopping list REALLY does work!

So I shall sit down right this minute and write another one...and this time, I will include what I don't want!

:D ...Non Twin

Sun 21 Oct 2012
I love reading your stories. I am twenty almost twenty-one, and ready these stories give me hope that I will find someone. I love how there is a strong connection between you two, and how much you care about each other. It's more than love, it seems as though there is no words to explain what you two have. ...Loni

Sun 26 Apr 2015
I just wrote my list this morning & in my mid-forties now I'm surprised how many of my "wants" in a man are deep character attributes as opposed to physical. I think we all just truly want to be loved & desired for who we are.
Thanks for sharing so much of your personal truth with everyone & encouraging me to honestly put out there what I want!

Michelle ...Michelle




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