The Moving Together Dream

05 December 2017
Day 5 - Wednesday, 15th April 2009

When we first connected as twin flames, Claire was living On the Gold Coast and I was living in Sydney, in different states, and around a 1,000 kilometres apart.

On only the fifth night I dreamt I had moved to Queensland to live with Claire and in the dream we were looking at a house together. It was a big old wooden Queenslander, on low stilts and surrounded by decking. It stood by itself and was surrounded by open land on all sides. We came out of it, walked across the wooden porch, down the steps had a long slow look around got in our car and drove down a long curved gravel drive, around and out onto the main road, and turned right.

The road winded its way through low lying hills on either side. Trees sparsely covered them and you could see a lot of bright blue sky through them. The next morning I told Claire about the dream, it seemed so vivid.

The only way we could get together, with Rick being dependent on the Oncology ward of Brisbane Hospital, was if we both moved to Brisbane. So that’s what we did. We lived in a house in Glenrosa Road for a couple of years and then moved to one in The Gap. Whilst living in The Gap, and as we were writing this book, one day we drove through an area nearby, an area we had never been to before, and it was exactly the scene I had viewed in my dream. It felt a surreal experience. The feeling of De je Vu, of having been there before, except I hadn't, well, not in the physical.

In fact, I was even able to work out the exact spot the dream happened from. The house wasn’t far away and had a long private driveway off the road, so we couldn’t go up close to check. But looking around from as close as we could get, it was the exact view in the dream, the surrounding hills, the house, the type of house, and the long drive around it all matched exactly. The attached photo is from the location.

How I could have a dream from a specific location I had never been to beforehand?

...taken from our book 'Twin Flames Kiss'.

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