The Vision

05 January 2016
In my vision, I am in the presence of the fairest maiden kneeling beside the mossy banks of a river. She has very long wavy, black hair and is dressed in a glorious white flowing gown like one that an ancient Grecian goddess would wear with golden thread woven into the neckline. As she bends down beside the willows and fills an urn with water, she whispers to me although I cannot see her face.

“Drink to calm the waters of your mind and let me know when all is calm.”
I see an ocean which is the state of my mind, and the raging waves are crashing over my head in a storm, as thunder bellows furiously, whilst lightening zips like a frenzied pencil scribbling light across the sky and zaps at the pounding walls of water below, which is swirling out of control amidst the churning sea. I hesitate to sip the water from the urn, wondering what little good it will do.

Out of the corner of my eye, I glimpse the movement of something white and most serenely graceful. Its great tail whooshes like a magic wand, and when it lifts its head from feeding, I am shocked to notice that the beast is staring deeply into who I really am and my cheeks begin to burn self-consciously with embarrassment, whilst the waters flatten out, so that there is hardly a ripple across the vastness of my mind.
I nod, and the maiden bends down to refill the urn, bidding me to drink to calm the waters of my heart this time.
I see a lake of fire burning out of control, whilst great black vultures soar above me from amongst clouds of smoke so thick that I start to cough.

“Drink child until all is calm,” she commands and I gulp as much as I can without hesitation.
Then there is nothing but still waters and the birds are nowhere in sight.
Once again she kneels at the water’s edge and gathers more water for the urn.
“Drink to calm the waters of your soul now and when all the waters are calm, tell me what you can see.”

It is a clear starry night and the moon is full casting shimmers across the deep waters of my soul.
“I see two dolphins in the moonlight weaving in and out of the water together,” I tell her.
“That is you and that is your true love,” she explains.

The maiden turns so that I can see her face for the first time and I freeze as goose bumps shimmer all the way up and down my spine.
She is so dazzling and she is so beautiful and yet the maiden is so familiar to me.
And then I realize that she is the reflection of who I really am deep inside at my core.
The maiden is me...

I close my eyes and I am so grateful and so humbled and so amazed all at the same time. When I open them, the great white beast is standing before me and from those eyes a powerful message enters my being.

“Welcome home Claire. I am the unicorn of wisdom and now you are ready to see everything from the eyes of love - your Higher Self.”

© Copyright 2016




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