The Empty Train Dream

11 April 2017
In that final week before Claire and I met face to face for the first time, I had a dream.

Claire and I were sitting on a train, unlike any train I had ever seen before. It had lime green hard seats and a cream coloured plain inner décor. The outside of it was dark blue metallic, with a light blue stripe, black windows and was of a futuristic design.

We were speeding along across the fresh open countryside, knowing the route well, for we had both travelled it many times before. We looked out across the flat and lush green countryside, across to low lying hills in the distance, whilst being completely engrossed in each other, in a very passionate way. We wanted to unleash our desires, but even though we noticed our carriage was otherwise empty, were afraid someone else might walk through.

I looked out of the windows and could see in the distance behind us a very big city, right on the horizon. It felt familiar as though I had seen it before somewhere. All I could see was the just the outline of the tallest skyscrapers peering through the haze, but this time there was something strange about it. There were two huge mushroom shaped clouds rising above it, as though it had just been nuked. Strangely though, we were far away from it and speeding off in the opposite direction, so it didn't faze us. Well, that's how dreams work, isn't it.

I suggested I have a walk down the train, to the refreshments carriage, and check out along the way how many people were in the adjoining carriages, and what the chances of us being left alone were, wink, wink. We were sitting near the front, so I started walking back along the train. I walked through the next carriage and it was totally empty. There was no-one in it at all. Then through the next carriage, and that was empty too, and the next, and the next. Every carriage was empty. I reached the back of the train and still hadn't found the refreshments carriage, obviously there wasn’t one, neither was there anyone else on the train at all. We were completely all by ourselves.

I made my way back through the empty train towards the front. It was surreal. What was going on I wondered? I got back to Claire and started to tell her about how the train was completely empty and the coast was clear for us to unleash our desires. That was all we cared about. We looked up and out of the window and saw we were approaching a very tall black glass skyscraper and the train was slowing down. Where had it come from? The train was on tracks about 4-5 stories up, high above the ground in mid-air, and we were approaching a big hole in the side of the glass building we could see ahead.

As we entered there was a big wide platform on the one side and realised that this was the station. Strangely, we had never been to this train station before, but knew instinctively that this was our destination - our final destination - and we were there. It was joy and relief all rolled into one.

To us it was a dream of leaving all of the bad stuff we had to endure in our past behind us and of the now in being just the two of us together, and not caring what anyone else thinks of us, for the ride will be over before we know it. We should enjoy every minute whilst we can, and that is how we now live our lives.

Taken from our book "Twin Flames Kiss"

Mark + Claire

© Copyright 2017




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